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2008-06-04 - 1:20 p.m.



So, the Democratic race for the White House is finally over. It was a long 17 months while Obama and Clinton campaigned all over the country. For awhile there, it felt like it would never end. And end it has.


I'm sure that when the campaign started, HRC thought she was a shoo-in for the Democratic ticket. I'm sure she didn't think anyone, much less a black man, would/could beat the Clinton machine. I'm sure many people thought that. What an amazing presidential race, though. No one can say it was boring. Many historical firsts with this year's race, too.

The next 5 months will certainly be interesting to watch. Of course, everybody wants to know who Obama will pick as a running mate. I hope it will be someone other than HRC since that would conflict with his whole message of CHANGE. I'm not too sure who a good running mate would be, though. Fortunately, Obama can take some time to talk to a few people if he hasn't already.

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